Lotheni - Southern Drakensberg 30km from Underberg
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Highland Nook Self-catering Cottages and Camping
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Urban Leopard Been visiting Highland Nook since childhood and now we are creating memories with our own children. Like home for us. 31 January 2017 Trish McClune It's a place that never leaves your heart. We were one of the first families to visit Highland Nook and I was fortunate enough to be able to visit again with my husband. We didn't want to leave and return to the UK. We are already looking at planning our next visit sooner rather than later. Love love love this wonderful place and the welcoming family xx 18 January 2017 Barend Van Straaten Second time camping and again a wonderful holiday. 11 January 2017 Alice Johnson Bayford Wonderful peace and tranquillity. We will be back 31 December 2016 Hayley Jacobsen A place to unwind and soak up the beauty of the berg. Amazing hands on assistance from the owners. One of my favourite places xxx. 16 November 2016 Mari Na I did not have the opportunity to visit, but I know the owner very well and I am sure they do whatever it takes to make you feel welcome and have a wonderful holiday! 15 November 2016 Alan Jack I have been going there since it opened in the early 70's and still visit. Growing up it was the best holidays a kid could have. Swimming in the rivers, walking in the mountains, herding cattle. It instills a love of nature. The original family still own and run the farm and park. Well worth visiting. 15 November 2016 Simone McLean Most amazing place :-) Can't wait to be back in April!!. 5 November 2016 Renette Grubb My favourite place in the Berg, great for kids and families to get back in touch with nature and themselves 30 July 2016
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